How does Click to Kick work?


Step One

You register your interest. We then send you an automated response with a link to a short self-assessment tool. Once completed, this is automatically forwarded to our coordinator.


Step Two

After we have evaluated your answers, we may have further questions. If so, you will be contacted to arrange a confidential call with one of our professionals. They will assess if Click to Kick is the most suitable option for you and, if not, we advise you on further options.


Step Three

If Click to Kick is suitable, we place you on our list for the next available group, led by one of our trained facilitators. You access your group using software on your phone, tablet or computer.

Using encrypted conferencing software, a Click to Kick group will log on weekly for 8 facilitated meetings. Each session will last about one hour. As part of a group, you will work with up to 6 others going through our tried and tested recovery programme based on both psycho-education and shared experience. We have found that group work is more effective in helping people overcome their porn habit as it helps to reduce shame and gives you a number of accountability partners who are committed to working with you, not just during the formal group sessions, but throughout your journey of recovery.

The ongoing support of the guys I’ve met on the group has been really valuable, I think we bonded superficially quite well at the start, but now very real and lasting friendships are forming - I hope we can continue to be there for each other.
— Group Member

Sessions include:

  • Understanding your compulsive behaviour/addiction

  • Developing positive sexuality

  • Recognising and personalising the cycle of addiction

  • Relapse prevention and developing a healthy lifestyle

We blend the latest scientific research, psychotherapy tools and practice alongside Christian devotions and prayer to maximise the potential in you to live in freedom. To enable the sessions to be as accessible as possible, the Christian content mostly involves optional reflections & spiritual exercises to be completed outside the 50 minute group session. You can speak to the facilitator if you are uncomfortable doing these.

After you have completed the Click to Kick course, ongoing support and accountability will be available through Naked Truth’s Whole Life Recovery Programme.