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Cat Etherington

Head of Recovery at Naked Truth Project
Certified Professional Coach
APSATS Certified Partner Coach

Cat created both the Whole Hearted Partner Programme and Whole Life Recovery Programme for Naked Truth Project and oversees all the work at Naked Truth Recovery. She has previously worked as a group facilitator, trainer and coach, specialising in behavioural and cultural change through emotional intelligence. Cat is a recovered substance addict with over a decade of recovery as well as a betrayed wife healing from trauma.

Professional Designations and Trainings

· Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
· Advanced Training in Problematic Sexual BehaviourLink to full bio


Fran Hopwood

Coach/mentor - Whole Hearted Partner Programme
Owner - Holding Hope Coaching
Certified Professional Coach
APSATS Certified Partner Coach

Fran is a Certified Professional Coach to ICF (International Coaching Federation), Brave Hearts Professional Mentor and an APSATS Certified Partner Coach. Fran has taken additional training as a peer facilitator for partner groups with A Door of Hope (certification in process).

In addition, she has completed APSATS approved Training for Coach Disclosure Guides; Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress training and is a certified practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) NLP Coaching and Time-Line Therapy.
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Lisa Taylor

Clinical counsellor living in Whangarei, New Zealand.

BA, PG-Dip (Counsel), CCPS, CPSAS (certified pastoral sex addiction specialist)

In addition to counselling and writing, Lisa serves on the board of Christian Sex Addiction Specialists International (C-SASI) and is a founding member of Sex Addiction Specialists Aotearoa (SASA). She also runs an online community blog for wives of porn and sex addicts at beyondbetrayal.community.

Her award-winning book Beyond Betrayal, has been followed by two other books related to porn/sex addiction: the Beyond Betrayal Couples’ Guide and There’s WHAT on my Phone? (youth fiction)

Lisa has been running groups for partners
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Richard Butler

Coach with Naked Truth Project and Whole Life Recovery Programme
Click to Kick Facilitator
Private mentor for men in recovery from PSB and addiction.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education
NLP Practitioner
APSATS trained (certification in progress)
ASATS (Doug Weiss) Trained in Sex Addiction and Intimacy Anorexia
Bravehearts University Certified Professional Mentor

Richard's D-Day was over 5 years ago when his wife found out about his Problematic Sexual Behaviour (PSB) and addiction. Since that day he has been sober, has entered into and remained in long term recovery. Facilitating his recovery required identifying deeply rooted behaviours, values andlink to full bio