Dr. Fran hopwood

Coach/mentor - Whole Hearted Partner Programme
Owner - Holding Hope Coaching
Certified Professional Coach
APSATS Certified Partner Coach
Certified Professional Mentor - BraveHearts University

Fran is a Certified Professional Coach to ICF (International Coaching Federation), BraveHearts Professional Mentor and an APSATS Certified Partner Coach. Fran has taken additional training as a peer facilitator for partner groups with A Door of Hope (certification in process).

In addition, she has completed APSATS approved Training for Coach Disclosure Guides; Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress training and is a certified practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) NLP Coaching and Time-Line Therapy.


With a long history in the education sector, Fran switched to personal coaching after walking her own healing journey. She knows, first-hand, the challenges of healing after betrayal, offering both personal and professional insight for overcoming them. On this journey she has learned that partners can be whole again whether the relationship survives or not and that, if the betrayer truly chooses and works recovery, the relationship can also be repaired and rejuvenated.

Whilst the discovery of her current husband’s problematic sexual behaviour was the catalyst for her current journey, her passion for helping women suffering from the hurt of betrayal stems from her experience of two previous marriages and divorce after each husband chose to leave to be with an affair partner. At the end of her working life in education, Fran always intended to be active in the area of supporting women affected by marital/partner infidelity but working in this genre was never in the original plan!!

“This experience has increased my commitment to help other women going through intimate betrayal and struggling with the fall-out and consequences.”


Fran’s specialist niche as a coach/mentor is in working with women who have experienced infidelity or intimate betrayal in their relationships. Typically, this is partners and spouses of men who are affected by chronic problematic sexual behavior such as addiction to pornography, love or sex. This specialist area includes not only the partner healing journey from betrayal trauma but also the support needed for partners to either rebuild life after separation or divorce and the path to relational recovery for those who choose to stay together.

Her scientific background as a research chemist fuels her fascination with the neuroscience associated with addiction, trauma and recovery. She is an avid lifelong learner (with a compulsive love of words and science) and has always been passionate about helping people achieve their best potential. Within her education career, this quote formed the basis for her passion and commitment to active learning approaches. Fran carries that forward in her approach in helping partners in their healing journey.

“I know I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only provide an environment in which one can learn” -

Carl Rogers