Richard Butler

Coach - Naked Truth Project, Whole Life Recovery Programme
Click to Kick Facilitator
Private mentor for men in recovery from PSB and addiction.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education
NLP Practitioner
APSATS trained (certification in progress)
ASATS (Doug Weiss) Trained in Sex Addiction and Intimacy Anorexia
Bravehearts University Certified Professional Mentor

Richard's D-Day was over 5 years ago when his wife found out about his Problematic Sexual Behaviour (PSB) and addiction. Since that day he has been sober, has entered into and remained in long term recovery. Facilitating his recovery required identifying deeply rooted behaviours, values and attitudes established in childhood which hindered a healthy maturation process. He recognizes that recovery means being actively engaged in a long term process of development. He has undertaken numerous courses and has researched extensively PSB and addiction. He is well placed to mentor and coach men exhibiting Problematic Sexual Behaviour (PSB) and addiction. He is the only male, UK based APSTATS trained coach and is presently engaged in the Certification process. He is spouse and partner sensitive with experience in helping individuals with PSB and addiction in their own process of recovery as well as how to provide support to their betrayed spouse or partner.

Richard lives in North Wales with his wife, Fran Hopwood. He enjoys spending time with family, gardening and music. Being in recovery has allowed him to realise how it has impacted his life and potential. He is therefore on a personal journey to help other men recovering from addiction and PSB. His favourite quote is:

'You are more that you think'. Andrew Jenkins