Refresh Young Person Pack


Refresh Young Person Pack


Refresh is a 6 session mentoring programme for Young People aged 13-19.

The Refresh Young Person Pack includes 3 Young Person booklets.

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The Young Person Pack includes 3 Young Person Booklets

What is Refresh?

Refresh is a 6 session mentoring programme written to accompany ‘Fortify,’ a free online recovery programme for young people struggling with porn. Each study has been designed to take one hour with the hope that you and your young person will meet fortnightly as they work through the Fortify programme in their own time.

Young Person Booklet includes:

  • Introduction to 3 step framework (URL)

  • Overview of Fortify sessions.

  • 6 Sessions with URL framework helping the young person reflect, discuss scripture and set goals for the next two weeks.

  • Journal section for taking notes.

What is Fortify?

Fortify is a free online 9-session and video-based recovery programme for teenagers created by Fight the New Drug. By watching videos, journaling, recording progress in their ‘Battle Tracker’ and getting involved in some challenge, young people will learn about the issue of porn and the brain, relationships, and society. It is designed to help young people as they start their journey to freedom.

Who is it for?

We’d recommend Refresh for a young person aged 13-19, male or female, that is struggling to stop watching porn. Some young people are dealing with an addiction that makes it difficult to have normal relationships, be sociable or even leave the house. There are others who feel like it’s just a bad habit or something that they want to stop before they lose control.

Refresh has been written so that a youth worker can walk alongside a Christian young person who sees that their faith is a key element in their battle with pornography use. This being said,  anyone can use Fortify, regardless of beliefs, and Refresh is very easy to adapt depending on where a young person is at in exploring the Christian faith.