Ali's Story

Click to kick

I had struggled with pornography addiction for a very long time. I had tried many things and even searched many 'self-help' forums for help but all attempts failed. So when I saw that my Sheikh personally recommend this course, I thought it must be worth joining. I was apprehensive at first - I told myself that my problem is not that serious, that I don't need help from a group but this was a devilish whisper that I ignored (and rightfully so!). 

Click to Kick is certainly a group I very much underestimated. I expected it to be a very formal and uncomfortable experience (so much so that I considered dropping out before the sessions even started!) but was pleasantly surprised to find a relaxed environment in which one could express themselves and not be ashamed for it. I'd describe Click to Kick as an inclusive, friendly and cordial community. I felt this cordiality particularly when the mentors saw me for who I am and not as a shameful chap defined by his addiction.

I can honestly say that Click to Kick has made a huge impact on my life. They've helped me free myself from the clutches of pornography by teaching me techniques and making me feel safe, comfortable and respected whilst doing so.

I now recognise any urges very early and can act on this recognition using the materials provided by Click to Kick. They've not only helped me free myself from pornography addiction but also given me the tools for a more fulfilling life i.e. time management, emphasising 'me time' (including down time such as relaxation and up time such as physical exercise), etc. I feel like I am in control of my life, no longer acting on impulse. I also feel closer to God and my spiritual development has increased spectacularly.

For anyone who is reading this and is struggling, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you join Click to Kick. Give it a go, put in some effort and see your life change for the best. I wish I had heard about them long ago! It is a community of good hearted people who know what they're doing - the taboo subject of pornography (addiction) in our community prevents us from seeking help but I am very happy that I sought it out from Click to Kick.