Scott's Story

Click to Kick

Having been married for almost 20 years, my addiction to pornography almost destroyed my marriage and split my family. After some frank and uncomfortable conversations with my wife, I agreed that I had a problem and needed help to address it. Thankfully, as I sought help, our church signposted me to the Click to Kick programme run by Naked Truth Project. Having overcome the nervousness of speaking to a group of strangers over the internet about such a taboo subject, I took the plunge. The sessions with an encouraging facilitator and others with similar issues proved to be of great support as I took the initial steps to break free. Weekly discussions and “homework” provided easy to follow insight into issues including addiction, triggers, behaviours, reasons to quit.

Our group’s own support ‘chat’ group via WhatsApp provided immediate support in between weekly sessions. There was no judgment; just support and encouragement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a case of getting out what you put in, but at the same time, the materials were simple to follow and understand. They also provided great reassurance at home as I was able to outline the topics being discussed to my wife to reassure and involve her in my recovery.

I found the course provided me with an understanding of the changes caused by addiction and tools to help me avoid the lure of pornography.

Through the exercises and discussions, I found myself re-evaluating my priorities and lack of balance in my life. It felt so much wider than addiction to pornography. Six months later I remain free from the lure of pornography and have come to faith, finally believing that Jesus can set people free from addiction. I would thoroughly recommend that anyone battling addiction to pornography to the course as part of a strategy to break free. There is hope.