Rich's Story

Click to Kick.

After doing the Click to Kick course, I have not seen porn for six months - the longest time since I was a teenager. It has been a profound freedom, one that I have dreamed of, but doubted that it could ever become my reality.

Through two decades of addiction, I tried many routes, subscribing to video courses, reading books, confessing to others, receiving prayer, installing accountability software to try anything to be free. All this resulted in a temporary freedom that never lasted and I ended up back in the same old familiar prison cell of sin that I knew so well.

But everything has changed since I did the course.

It has impacted my relationship with God, as my prayer life and worship is not constantly consumed with prayers of repentance. Now I can move forward in my life. The relationships with my wife, my kids, my church are all so much better as I no longer have to mask my hypocrisy with deception.

I even like myself more, as I now have integrity; a precious commodity after years of compromise.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do Click to Kick. Through it, Jesus has set me free and I feel full of hope for the future and passionate to help others escape this entrapment too.