“I had nowhere to go, no one who I could talk to about this, especially not friends and family, I didn’t want them to see this bad side of my partner because he is a good man at his core! I was searching for support groups on the internet and FB. There isn’t a lot of online support. I stumbled upon this group and joined. It has truly become my place of safety where I can talk and no one judges you. I have learned such an incredible amount on this group, not only about the addiction but about my partner and myself”
— Peer Group Member

I am so pleased to recommend Catherine and the Whole Hearted Partner Program to anyone who is searching for support, solid information, and a source of hope for the future following this most intimate of betrayals. As a trained and experienced coach, Catherine is stellar and effective.

Barbara Steffens, Founder and President of the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS)

This group has been my lifeline during one of the most traumatic times I have ever experienced. The love, support, sharing and caring have been paramount to my recovery as well as my husbands! Helping me to understand my situation and his has definitely speeded up the recovery process. But the safety of the group is the most important feature! 

Group Member

Catherine is uniquely equipped and prepared for her role with the Whole Hearted Partner Program. She is recognized internationally by colleagues and clients for her skills as partner coach. Her commitment to excellence and her training combined with her Christian faith and personal experience as a spouse is a tremendous gift to the Whole Hearted Partner Programme, and the women who connect with their services

Donna Meredith Dixon, Partner Coach/Founder of A Door of Hope Peer Facilitator

“I love that I can go on here any time of the day or night & know I’m not alone. It’s fantastic that, through our combined efforts, we’ve got so many resources and information in one place. I can tell it like it is, no holds barred. There’s such loving, non-judgmental support on here”

Member of Peer Forum