I’m the kind of girl that wears her heart on her sleeve, it’s been torture not telling a soul.
I feel so embarrassed. That’s why I haven’t been able to tell the people closest to me. I had convinced myself that I was doing it to protect him, but that’s not it. I’m embarrassed by what people will say and think. I feel immense shame about having a failed marriage or one that is struggling so much.

Being the partner of a man with lust issues carries its own unique sense of shame. Women fear that the issue is a direct reflection on them, as a wife, a partner, a woman. Women recognize that they need support and understanding and yet, due to shame and confusion, it’s the last thing they want to tell anyone about. Where can they find support that won’t say there’s something wrong with them that our partners seek sexual gratification outside of our marriage?

I always thought that if people knew they would look at me and think ‘well, no wonder he looks at porn when his wife looks like her.’

One of the most important things we offer in the Whole Hearted Peer Support Group is a safe place to tell it like it is, no frills, no brave faces, just the whole and horrible truth of this experience. This is not a glamorous group. There are tears and anger and deep, deep sadness. And yet, within all of that, there is amazing beauty that has come from the level of authenticity. The wife of an addict is often starved of intimacy in the place that she needs and expects it most and so, arriving at a place where this exists between women walking the same path feels like an oasis and immediately begins the process of healing. Hearing someone else say “I felt that too”, “that’s normal” and “I understand” are some of the most powerful experiences felt by women who join us.

I thought I was alone in this, no one was going through the pain I was, yet the Whole Hearted Peer Support Group showed me that not only was I not alone, but there were, sadly, others in the same pain as I was. In the last few months, I have gained hope, friendship, support and learned an awful lot about looking after myself, which is something else I had not been doing. Everyone in this group is so brave, yet kind and giving and I am privileged to have become part of this group
I love that I can go on here any time of the day or night & know I’m not alone. It’s fantastic that, through our combined efforts, we’ve got so many resources and information in one place. I can tell it like it is, no holds barred. There’s such loving, non-judgmental support on here
I had nowhere to go, no one who I could talk to about this, especially not friends and family, I didn’t want them to see this bad side of my partner because he is a good man at his core! I was searching for support groups on the internet and FB. There isn’t a lot of online support. I stumbled upon this group and joined. It has truly become my place of safety where I can talk and no one judges you. I have learned such an incredible amount on this group, not only about the addiction but about my partner and myself

Whole Hearted Peer Support Group is a secret support group which exists on Facebook. Because it is a secret group, it cannot be found by a search. The only people who would ever know you are a member are the other group members and nobody outside of the group could ever see what you post or comment on it. The way that people find the group on Facebook is through the page ‘Wives & Partners of Porn and Sex Addicts Support’ where there are instructions on how to be invited to join. All new members are checked before being added and the safety and security of the group is our top priority.

If you would like to be added to the group please click the button and send us a message.


This group has been my lifeline during one of the most traumatic times I have ever experienced. The love, support, sharing and caring have been paramount to my recovery as well as my husbands! Helping me to understand my situation and his has definitely speeded up the recovery process. But the safety of the group is the most important feature! Moderation is key to keep us safe and the admins are generous and tireless in the time they give to support each and every one of us. The generosity and support of each and every wife is unbelievable, even in their darkest hours they reach out to hold and support each other! I would not be where I am today without this group.
This group for me is my secret therapy. I found more here than I ever expected. Thanks to the knowledge and experience shared in this group, I realized how serious, deep and complex the problems are we all are facing. It opened my eyes and made me understand, to some extent, what has happened in my marriage and what is going on with my husband. The information shared in here let me see the facts behind the madness and confusion. What I appreciate the most is support we all get from each other. It is so beautiful, powerful and overwhelming even. It gave me my power back, my confidence, my way back to myself. I feel like I gained a family. I have all these beautiful sisters that share a language and stories and mutual understanding. They all know how it is. I don’t have to explain myself. We all get it, even if our stories aren’t the same, we know what we all are going through. I just can’t even put to words sometimes how grateful I am. The questions that other members ask are often like a light in the deepest darkness. Suddenly I’ll have an “aha” moment and so much more makes sense to me. I can see it all from different perspective. That allowed me to make much better choices for myself. It’s like an underground world, a secret group that is like a secret garden where all the broken hearts can heal and grow again. I am just so thankful and so amazed by all the support, love, understanding and warmth. Through helping others and trying to look at their situations, I’ve been helped to deal with my own difficulties. We really lift each other and ourselves up and out of the mess that we found ourselves in. We made something negative into something positive.