Our topic groups run periodically, depending on numbers and group needs. If the topic you need is not available right now, why not consider some one on one support with one of our professionals? They are always happy to work through our topic groups materials with you individually and can help you to address any of the major healing topics immediately.

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Boundaries: what, when, why & how

Wednesdays at 7pm (uk time) starting Jan 16th  – 8 weeks

We will spend 8 weeks focussing on the process of identifying and setting healthy boundaries. We will:

  • Explore the different ways in which we can identify our personal boundaries/needs/limits

  • Identify and work through some of our personal challenges associated with boundaries – and cheer one another on when it gets tough!

  • Brainstorm possible boundaries and responses for our situations

  • Learn how best to articulate our own needs and limitations with our spouse or partner

  • Complete a personal boundary plan


Wednesdays at 7pm (uk time) starting April 17th  – 8 weeks

We will spend 8 weeks exploring what being married to a sex addict means for you. We will:

  • Explore some of the common myths that come with the label of ‘sex addiction’ and what they mean for us as partners

  • Understand the overlaps between his recovery and our healing

  • Discuss our expectations and needs in relation to his recovery and our healing

  • Dive deep into our experience of gaslighting and emotionally abusive behaviours, understanding how this impacts us

  • Learn tools and techniques to ‘opt out’ of these toxic cycles of communication


Wednesdays at 7pm (UK time) starting July 24th  – 4 weeks

A 4 week deep dive into the topic of trigger management.

This group includes access to our 90 minute webinar on the topic of triggers followed by 4 weeks of application and trigger management in a group setting.

Just £50/$65(ish) for the whole group. Group times are 7pm UK time/2pm US Eastern time on Wednesdays.