At Naked Truth project, we believe that there is much more to ‘recovery’ than simply stopping the addictive/compulsive behaviour. We believe in Whole Life Recovery, the restoration of a person’s entire life, relationships and potential. Too many people gain freedom from their acting out behaviours, only to continue to live within their distorted thinking and behaviour patterns, and as a result too many of those people continue to hurt themselves and others from that position. We want to help you to reclaim and reimagine your whole life so that you can truly live in freedom from acting out behaviours and from addictive thinking and actions.

Whole Life Subscribers have access to unlimited weekly support and accountability groups. You may attend as many groups per week as are available and helpful to you. You do not need to sign up for any specific group, rather just access the groups that work best for your time zone and when you need them.

Our Whole Life Recovery Programme is for everyone seeking freedom from problematic sexual behaviour, whether single or in a committed relationship. Our trained professionals offer a safe, judgement free space in which to process your recovery journey, gain on-going support and the practical tools to help you along the way.

Relational Recovery

With a specialist understanding of the relational trauma associated with problematic sexual behaviour within a marriage or intimate partnership, our team also offers a unique insight and focus on what we call Relational Recovery. We want to help you to navigate the tricky relationship dynamics that surface after problematic sexual behaviour has been revealed or discovered. At Naked Truth Project, we believe that Whole Life Recovery always includes Relational Recovery, whatever decisions are made about the future of those relationships. We believe that tending to that element of your recovery will play an important role in helping you to live free from the shame and darkness of past choices and regain your self worth. Equipped with both personal experience and professional expertise, our team bring an important set of skills to the table, creating a space where you are not alone in trying to figure some of this out.


If you have a real commitment to your ongoing recovery and the willingness to do the work of achieving it, Whole Life Recovery has been created for you. This is not a place where we will just pat you on the back for a slip or relapse and tell you to dust yourself off, this is a place where we will encourage you to take apart that relapse to see what you can learn to help you prevent further relapses. This is a place where we will ask you the hard questions and create space for the hard truths that will eventually set you free. This is a place where we will hold up a mirror and invite you to look into it, to expose and rewrite the lies of addiction, to reclaim the truth that you are worth more than this. This is a place where we will invite and support you to step into the fullness of life in recovery, reclaiming all that has been lost along the way and reimagining a future of freedom.

Our Whole Life Recovery Team will work hard to help you to define, establish and maintain your sexual sobriety, understanding that this is the foundation on which all else is built. As such, there is an expectation that you will be committed to sobriety as a minimum standard for group participation. We understand that it takes a while to find your feet in sobriety and recovery and will support you through those early stages with understanding and compassion. We will also challenge you to really dig deep and address those behaviours from which you are seeking freedom by providing real accountability and opportunities to learn from the challenges you may face along the way. If sexual sobriety cannot be established and maintained in a meaningful way, you will be invited to seek support elsewhere on the assumption that the Whole Life Recovery Programme is not the place for you.


Our Whole Life Recovery subscription offers access to our weekly support and accountability groups. You may attend as many groups per week as are available and helpful to you. You do not need to sign up for any specific group, rather just access the groups that work best for your time zone and when you need them. As more subscribers join, we will add more groups and you will pay the same. We hope to be able to offer more groups, as well as other resources such as educational webinars in the near future.

IS THERE A setup fee?

You will pay an additional fee when setting up your subscription to cover the cost of a focused individual session with one of our Whole Life Recovery professionals. Before this session, you will be asked to complete an ‘intake form’ covering some of your history. This will help our team make sure that the Whole Life Recovery Programme is right for you and, if necessary, work with you to establish a sobriety plan and attain abstinence from your problematic sexual behaviours.

Who can join the Whole Life Recovery Programme?

The Whole Life Recovery Programme is a place for those who are serious about sexual sobriety, relational repair and recovery beyond the level of not acting out. Everyone who joins the Whole Life Recovery programme needs to be able to clearly define and articulate their sobriety ‘fundamentals’, those defined actions key to their sobriety and recovery, and to have established abstinence from problematic behaviours. Those wishing to join, who do not have this in place, will be provided with options to support them to define these ‘fundamentals’ and to gain sobriety before being placed into our Whole Life Recovery Support Groups. This will usually be either by joining our Click to Kick group first, or by working individually with one of our professionals. We will discuss your options for getting started in the programme at your one to one intake session.

what about other support?

Naked Truth Project respects and understands that recovery is a very personal journey and one that can look different from individual to individual. As such, we do not prescribe one specific pathway to recovery. Rather we value and acknowledge the benefit of the many options out there. So, some of our members will also be members of the 12 step programme, some will be members of other groups, some will have personal counsellors and/or coaches, some will have attended intensive treatment programmes or rehab, and some will not. We do believe that, given the prevalence of trauma and abuse issues in all addictions, that it is wise and helpful to seek the support of a trained therapist or counsellor once sobriety has been achieved and will encourage you to do so if we feel there is cause for that. The Whole Life Recovery Programme is not a replacement for any of the other things that you need to live whole and so, we encourage you to build your support network to its fullest potential, recognising that what we offer is an additional resource that supports everything else.