Support for Partners & Spouses

Whole Hearted is a unique programme, offering access to multiple support, education and healing resources for spouse and partners. All in one place and available in formats to suit you and your lifestyle! This programme is not an ‘add-on’ to your partner’s recovery, it’s all for you because you matter! We understand the pain and trauma created by sexual betrayal, whether that’s pornography use or other behaviours, and we don’t want you to have to go through this alone. All our services offer a live component – you get to interact with an expert, specially trained to understand the dynamics of sexual betrayal.

What We Offer Partners


Exclusively for subscribers, our professionally facilatated support groups offer ongoing, weekly support sessions with a professional, trauma trained coach or counsellor. With no fixed agenda, these groups allow an opportunity to process whatever is relevant for you, to ask questions, to share experience and gain support. Find out more


Book a one to one session with one of our professional team. These sessions will give you the focus attention, tools and action plans you need to begin to find healing. We also provide one to one sessions for couples. Find out more.


Our webinars are a great starting place for looking into the different aspects of healing from betrayal. Dealing with the ‘hot topic’ issues that come up time and again these webinars aim to provide you with professional insight and practical tools to begin addressing these issues in your healing.  Find out more.

Topic Groups

Often, but not exclusively, using the webinar themes as a springboard, our topic groups provide an opportunity to ‘dig deeper’ into specific areas of your healing. Find out more

Peer Support

A private forum with hundreds members offering ongoing support and understanding because “they have been there.” Find out more

Many of the wholehearted services will be available to access for a fixed, one-off, price, which will always be significantly less than you would pay anywhere else for a comparable service. However, a monthly subscription gives you exclusive access to our weekly support groups and up to 100% discount on all whole hearted webinars, workbook groups, and resources.