Our ‘open’ workbook group offers an opportunity to work through a workbook(s) of your choice with the support, insight and accountability of a group. Because we will not be following the same material, or any set curriculum, this group gives a great opportunity for you to learn from your own work, as well as the exercises shared by others. It also invites you to choose from  material that best reflects your current needs and situation. Some suggested workbook options are listed below, however we encourage you to choose something that feels right and helpful to you. If you need help choosing a workbook, please ask one of our professionals to help.

Each week, you will be invited to share your completed exercises from your chosen workbook, allowing you to work at a pace that suits you and creating the accountability of completing at least one exercise per week!

Please note that Naked Truth Project will not provide the workbooks, you will need to purchase your chosen material.

The open workbook group will be Wednesdays 7pm (UK Time) from January 16th to June 26th - 21 weeks in total (with a few exceptions that are listed). If you are a subscriber don’t forget to use your subscription’s discount code. That’s a 30% discount for the starter subscription and 100% discount for AAA subscribers. Not a subscriber? Find out more.